Trendy, pre-loved birth registries


Mini effort. Mini impact. Mini price.

For you environmentally conscious parents who like products that are trendy, secondhand and eco, but do not have or wish to spend the time gathering everything needed for your newborn, there is now:

Mic Mac Minuscule, everything you need for your baby, pre-loved, upcycled & sustainable, and personally collected for you.

Additional option: Birth wish list

Want to help your family and friends know how to choose the gifts you and your newborn really need?

Put a portion of the by-us-collected baby goodies on a birth wish list: an online gift list you can share for your baby shower or after your baby is born. Save yourself the surplus of cuddly toys and receive only functional baby gifts that are to your taste. Being sustainable can be this easy!   

On average, families spend 6,500 euros buying items for their first child.